We offer a range of HR related services. Additional we also offer to assist companies who want to establish their business in Denmark.


Our recruitment services offer to identify, contact and motivate talented candidates to apply to your vacant positions. We cover most industries and functions.


Getting your newly hired employee integrated and up to speed is crucial for any organization. We have a proven solution that enables a successful on-boarding.


Done right a termination may be the start of a new career and new possibilities for the employee. We offer to assist on this journey with a tailor made process. 

HR Sourcing

Some companies have the need for a HR function but doesn't it permanently or full-time. We have an offering where a experienced HR employee can assist when needed.

HR in M&A

Most mergers and acquisitions fail due to HR cultural differences. We assist our customers during Due Diligence and through all phases of their M&A.


Want to establish a branch of your business in Denmark? We can help you through the process and make sure you don't miss out of public initiatives.


Read more about our Recruitment services and how we can help your organization to hire the next talent.


Doing business in Denmark

Do you consider to open a branch of your business in Denmark? Do you need someone local support you? Someone who has a strong business network, someone who can keep the balls up in the air, who can give access to public support - then we might be the partner you are looking for.