HR in M&A

HR in Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the key success factors in an M&A is the strong management of Human Ressources. Don't lose top talent in the process, avoid demotivation and have all employees working aligned with your strategic goals. We can assist you with that.

Do you need assistance with your Due Diligence? No matter if you need support in creating HR related material for the Data Room or you need someone to assess the material you see in a target company's data room we can help you.

Understand your Business

With a strong focus on due diligence, acquisition strategy, and merger integration we aim to get the full understanding of your business and assist your organization as a close partner to minimize risk and reach both short and long-term goals. Even our pricing model is based on this fact. If your business is successful we are too.

Focus on HR

Numerous studies into M&A have shown that most mergers fail to deliver the expected results due to HR related issues. Too often the key talent that was needed to make the merger successful left at the beginning of the project. Too often is the organization demotivated by rumors and guessing. It doesn't need to be like this. Through communication, management, involvement and carefully planned reward systems it is possible to keep the key talent and to get the organization working towards the goals laid out for the M&A. We can help your organization with that.

Understanding culture

Organizations have different cultures and these differences are often one of the main reasons why mergers fail or don't deliver the expected results.

We approach cultural differences using the OCAI framework. By using the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument we will at an early stage have an understanding of the cultures in the merging organizations and how differences should be addressed.

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