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Setting up a business in Denmark

The World Bank has ranked Denmark as the easiest place in Europe to do business. Should we help your your organization to get started?


W‌e have established partnerships with lawyers who can help with all legal requirements in connection with setting up a business

Public support

HUCAPA is an Official Service Provider to several public institutions who's aim it is to assist foreign companies to establish and do business in Denmark.  


Who can manage all financial aspects with setting up a business entity and do the madatory financial reporting to authorities.

Real estate

Finding the right place for your business is often crucial for it's success. We can advice you on locations and connect you with professional real estate agents.

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New Partner

We are happy to announce Kyle Varga as a new member of our team. Kyle will enter HUCAPA as an Ass. Partner and will be based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kyle has a Juris Doctorate with an emphasis in International Law and Legal Studies and has a background from positions in US Law firms. His latest position is as a Managing Attorney in Motus Law, P.C.

Kyle joins HUCAPA to increase our focus on international recruiting services. Kyle will assist both Danish companies who want to recruit in the US, as well as our US customers who need assistance in Denmark. With a strong background from the US, Kyle can help bridge the differences between the two markets.

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